Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Stieglitz Beach - St. Helens
Ideal for:
All sailors
Northerly to South-Westerly
Drive into St. Helens and take the first right - continue on from Scout’s hut over Chimney Heights and down the hill on the other side. On your left you will see a boat ramp. The rigging area is just on from there near the toilet block.
Parking on foreshore. 15 m from water.
Large grassy area
Toilet block, jetty, kid’s play area.
May get a little tidal current, more than at Scout’s but still not a problem.
Larger than at Scout’s but not huge, wave chop
St Helens is 1hr 41mins after Hobarts tide - but Eddystone point is the closest coastal chart - which is 8mins after Hobart - St Helens heads are very narrow hence the large difference.
Speed Record:
Good flatwater. Best to wear booties. Recommend a weed fin for this area though not essential. If you want a smoother ride in a North-Westerly, I would suggest going a further 500 m down the road to where the beach sweeps around more to the North. There is a small track after the first 2 or 3 houses on your left that will lead you down to the water.  The water is flatter and in the right conditions there is a sandbar that shelters the turn-around spot for a really smooth ride.


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