Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Scouts Hut Beach on St Helens Point Road-St. Helens
Ideal for:
Beginners to expert. Bay is enclosed so if all goes wrong you can walk home.
North-Easterly to Northerly
Head North on the Tasman Highway into St. Helens, as soon as you hit water looking over St. Helens, turn right at the Lions park into St. Helens Point Road, and travel roughly 1km to the green hut.  Scouts hut is the white building near the end of the beach.  Rig up and launch from the grass area near the green hut, bbq and toilet block.
Parking on foreshore.  10 m to water.
Large grassy area
BBQ and toilet block
Small tidal current only
Small wind chop
St Helens is 1hr 41mins after Hobarts tide - but Eddystone point is the closest coastal chart - which is 8mins after Hobart - St Helens heads are very narrow hence the large difference.
Speed Record:
Good flat water with the winds mentioned above. Be careful not to go too far to the West as there is a hidden reef in the bay in that direction. If you go sailing in the winds suggested you will be going straight off-shore and the reef should not be a problem. Weedy bottom for the most part and advise booties for the occasional spike from sea-life.


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