Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Sandpits – South Arm
Ideal for:
Intermediate to expert sailors - on shore wave sailing and jumping
WSW-SW winds over 20 knots is ideal.  SSW is too onshore and makes it very difficult to get past the shore-break
Drive down the South Arm Rd past Clifton Rd till you hit the bottom end of Ralphs Bay at the isthmus, 1.8km past that left hand bend you’ll find a small dirt road on the left, which is about half way along the isthmus, you’ll see a Reserve sign on the right
Plenty of room
Rig up over the fence on the grass and a short walk to the beach
Look for the rips, if the swell is big follow the rip through the beach break 
SW cross-on shore wind makes the waves pretty messy but is still great for jumping.
With WSW cross wind the waves are pretty clean so good for down the line.
Best when waves are shoulder to head high, when the swell gets over ½ mast the waves close out and it’s mast breaking stuff.
Usually better with mid to high tide, when the tide is low the waves close out pretty close to the beach
Speed Record:
This can be a pretty exciting spot for jumping in strong south-westerlies.  Most of the sailing here is in SW winds as with WSW the wind can get gusty, but if you have patience wait for the gust or dog out to get some nice down the line sailing.
Typical of all beach breaks in the south the wind can be a bit gusty but that goes with the game when it comes to wave sailing.
When the swell is over ½ mast it’s pretty much a right-off as the waves close out and can get pretty mean.
If you’re into wave sailing it’s worth waiting for, so watch the forecast and make the effort.  When the swell is small it’s a great place for intermediate sailors to learn how sail waves, but still like all wave spots sail with a buddy.
Great thing it’s not far from Doran’s so it’s worth the quick trip down to check out the conditions and if it’s not what you’re looking for head back to Dorans.  
Fun place to sail and guaranteed to give you a real workout.


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