Rosevears - West Tamar  
Spot Name:
Rosevears - West Tamar
41°20'38.94"S , 147°1'39.79"E
Ideal for:
Bump and jump, Free ride and Speed...not recommended for beginners due to the current. Intermediate to Advanced only! Sail with a local the first few times is recommended.
NW to NE...NW is best, NE tends to be gusty. Afternoon sea breezes here during summer that can be stronger than Low head readings
Follow West Tamar Highway North. After Legana turn right into Rosevears drive and continue approx 1.5km until a gravel car park on the right
4-5 cars
On grass next to parking area..30m walk on rocky track through reeds to water
Steady tidal current through middle of river, gets stronger with higher tides. Water has a high fresh content after rains and can be VERY cold
Lagoon has small chop waves only, but progressively bigger into the river especially on outgoing tide where breakers can occur - these are wind driven waves that are very consistant - proficient water starting is a must
Tides are roughly 45mins to 1 hour after GeorgeTown. Best mid to high but can be sailed at any tide. Beware oysters on launching bank and uneven rice grass banks. Watch out for gravel bar in middle of river at very low tides, fin will hit. Opposite side has rice grass banks and very very soft silt...avoid falling off or you will sink to your waist in mud
Speed Record:
Great sailing spot for an after work blast close to the city. Gets great afternoon sea breezes on warm days. Water can be quite flat on an incoming tide and some fast runs on the opposite bank. On an outgoing tide and stronger winds there is some fun chop to play in. Oysters are a problem and Booties essential. There is a 2nd launching area about 500m further along the road at the pine tree.


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