Port Sorell Sandbar  
Spot Name:
Port Sorell Sandbar
41° 9'39.52"S, 146°33'20.21"E
Ideal for:
Beginner (NW and incoming tide) through to Advanced (SW and when it’s howling) – Speed Sailing and Flat water blasting
NNW through to SW
From Port Sorell main roundabout travel along Wilmot St. Turn left at Rice St. and follow to end.
10 -15 cars, 30m to beach but 200m across soft sand to Channel at low tide
Patchy grass at Car Park, best to rig down gravel walking track next to bicycle track and beach.
Toilets and shower block in caravan park on edge of carpark, a tap is available, pack a hose if you're organised
Large current at mouth of river between Penguin Is. and last pylon going the way of tide.
None between Penguin Is. and beach. Some small waves at reef marker (500m north of Penguin Is.).
Spot normally works 2 hours either side of low tide. (Longer on Lower tide)
Speed Record:
Izaak Perkins - 43.387 Knots (2sec)
Watch out for weed banks near bottom of run.  Sandbar appears in middle of channel south of first Port Channel marker at full low tide.  Good clean flat runs in a NW across to Bakers Beach, nice chop over middle sandbar at higher low tides.  Best Speed runs on a Westerly up and down the sandbar, bearing away more southerly you go.  Not really any rocks, so booties are optional.


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