Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
North Goats Beach – South Arm
Ideal for:
Intermediate to advanced down the line wave sailing.
Best on a sea breeze or southerly but still OK in a northerly.
NE winds with afternoon sea breeze.  This forecast is very reliable between October and January; wind picks up to 15-20 knots starting 3.30pm and blows till around 7.00pm.  Watch the forecast as it can be dead calm on the river, 5 knots at Lauderdale, 10 knots at Cremorne and 15-20 at Goats.
Car park is about 50m from beach
Plenty of rigging next to cars
Look for the rips, if the swell is large follow the rip through the beach break
Waves are usually pretty clean with a cross off wind and best with waist to head high waves.  In a big swell the waves usually close out so then go for the smaller ones.
We don’t normally take much notice of tide although it can have an impact on the waves
Speed Record:

This is the best down the line wave sailing in the Hobart area and is a real buzz when the north easterly comes in.  The waves can break pretty close to the beach which can make it tricky and means you only get a couple of turns on the wave before it breaks. If the forecast is right there will always be someone down here so watch the Seabreeze forum to find out what’s happening. We’ve spent many beautiful sunny afternoons sailing here right up to sunset then having a quiet beer in the car park talking about all the smacks off the lip and the close calls being caught in a closeout.....a real thrill and great place to practice sailing waves even if it’s a bit of a challenge.....gotta love this place


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