Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Mortimer Bay – South Arm
42°59'19.81"S, 147°28'28.38"E
Ideal for:
Beginners to expert – flat water blasting, speed, distance, bump & jump and a great place for beginners.
NNW – S.  Any wind from NNW right round to the south.  Good on a NNW when wind can’t get into Dorans.
2.6km past Lauderdale turn right onto Rifle Range Rd, drive 6.7km, turn right onto dirt track, this can be hard to see as it is not marked. Drive 400m along the pretty rough track.  This is easy with 4X4 but need to watch potholes with two a wheel drive.
Park on the grass next to the track
Nice open grassy area 30m from the water
Flat water to bumps depending on wind strength
OK on any tide but better for beginners on mid to high tide so you can stay in shallow water
Speed Record:
37.100 Dave Morehead
Great spot to sail when it’s too northerly or too southerly for Dorans. 
Ideal for beginners as has a big area of shallow water and provided it’s blowing on shore it’s very safe.
On mid to high tide excellent spot for speed and distance sailing.  In a SSW wind sail up wind to the southern end of the bay under the lee of the South Arm isthmus where the water is pretty flat, nice nautical mile run and great for long distance sailing.
If you’re going to Dorans and you find the wind is too far north you’re bound to get a sail here.


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