Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Lagoon Bay - Low Head
41° 4'8.20"S, 146°48'11.60"E
Ideal for:
Beginners (SW-NW) through Advanced (NNW is tricky to sail) - Flat water blasting, chop jumping.  Lagoon provides fantastic sheltered sailing with some small swell to play on.  Outside Lagoon gets very big on an outgoing tide.
Westerly Onshore and NW are ideal - Good sailing SW through NNW, although Southerly's are gusty, NWN for advanced only.  Note; this is at the mouth of the River and Bass Straight - Southerly is directly out to sea.
Head North through Georgetown into Low Head, follow road until reaching the signposted Lagoon Bay entrance to the left of the playground
Sealed car park at both Southern and Northern ends of beach ~20 cars, 15m to beach
Great rigging spot on grass all year round next to car park - 3 big steps down to beach easily carry gear
Northern end of beach: Toilets, Playground, 2 groups of 2x Gas BBQ's, Large Hut/picnic area, beach shower-excellent for washing gear as well.  Dogs are prohibited in the playground/reserve, but allowed on the beach - doggie bags are provided
Inside sandbar that borders the Lagoon is relatively current free, River current can be  around 6knots - 2hrs +/- of the turn is best sailing - River sailing for advanced only
Lagoon has small chop waves only, but progressively bigger into the river especially on outgoing tide where breakers can occur
Mid to High tide for Lagoon Bay itself, River is sailable on any tide, only a small walk to water.  High tide is right up to rock wall at beach, low tide uncovers nice shallow bay, encompassed by a sandbar roughly 250-300m from beach - see map image.
Speed Record:
Great place to sail for all experience levels safely.  Mid tide can touch bottom in most places inside lagoon.  Ribbon weed can wrap around fin, rocks at each end of beach would have oyster shells, but the entire beach is very safe. Other side of river (Kelso) is gravelly with some oysters too. At low tide the sandbar that borders the bay is chest high - staying inside this sandbar will keep you out of the channel enough. You can rig at southern end of beach, where there is a small lighthouse and car park for roughly 10 cars, but not as easy as the northern end.


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