Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Henty River - Strahan
Ideal for:
Flat water speed sailing:  beginner to expert – narrow, shallow channel protected from the ocean.
WNW winds provide starboard tack off-the-wind speed sailing for 2-second peak, 5x10 and NM.  W-SW winds provide ideal conditions for 1 hour speed records.
Located along Ocean Beach on the West Coast of Tasmania.  Approximately 4.5hrs from Hobart and 2.5hrs from Devonport.  Once you are close, drive 15 minutes north from Strahan or 20 minutes south from Zeehan to an unmarked turn-off (to the west) at the southern end of the long straight in the road.  Then take a 15 minute off-road 4WD only drive through mud and sand (and water-holes) Recommended that you go with someone who knows the track in as it is easy to get lost (and bogged). 
Parking is immediately adjacent to the rigging and launching area.
Rigging on grass or short tussock adjacent to your car and immediately adjacent to the sailing area.
Nil (no mobile coverage either)
Slight river flow.  Virtually no tidal influence (max 10cm), but high rainfall can raise the river level and high swell can further raise the river level and cause tidal surges. 
No waves - flat water only
N/A - River isn't tidal
Speed Record:
42.39 Knots - Dave Morehead 
This place is a premium speed sailing location that attracts strong NW winds that are too broad to sail the main run, so you need to pick a forecast that is from the WNW to SW.  Often the best speeds are produced during rain-squalls when the NW winds temporarily swing WNW. 
The river is around 3km long and meanders in roughly a straight line in a NNW-SSE direction.  There are some dangerously shallow areas (15-20cm) further down the run and these shallow areas are constantly changing. 
Best to start runs to the north of the carpark/launching area and pick up speed as quickly as possible for two opportunities for a 2-second peak and a NM run.  Depending upon the wind direction (and usually it is broad), it is often necessary to walk back up the beach (along the speed run) after each run.  The sand is reasonably hard in most places.
This spot has got world-class speed potential, but despite the wildest forecasts, never seems to get above 30-40 knots of wind speed. 
Ideal board and rig combination is moderate to high wind slalom board with 6.6.5m sail and full-on speed board with 5-6m sail.  Usually best to rig both sets of equipment and be ready with the speed gear when rain-squalls pass through.
A good spot to stay is the Strahan Caravan Park.  Get there the evening before and head up to the Henty River Mouth at dawn!!


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