Greens Beach - West Tamar  
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Greens Beach - West Tamar
41° 5'3.97"S,146°45'4.51"E
Ideal for:
NW around to WNW - Beginner to Advanced cross-on / onshore wave sailing. Also good in the opposite - NE/E. Greens Beach is sailable in ANY tide and has a large expanse of shallow water (waist deep) in just about all conditions. This platform holds up an enormous number of small, often un-broken, ramps particularly in NW winds. Typically small swell but smooth conditions, even when onshore. When the wind has been up for a while the waves out the back can get to mast high, but the smaller ramps remain inside. An excellent spot to learn in the waves, and also fantastic for trying the latest aerial maneuvers. Sailing is typically at about 30 degrees to the beach and the spread out waves mean that there is plenty of time, and smooth water, to prepare for the next ramp, of which there will be 20 or 30 lining up for you. A rocky headland forms the eastern edge. It is reasonable to sail over this at high tide but beware of it popping up as the tide drops.

Optimum - WNW - NW wind and swell – N is also okay. Usually requires 24 hours of good wind before the swell gets above about a metre.

Head North up West Tamar Highway, turn left at Beaconsfield continue until the end of the road to Greens Beach.  Many launching spots along the beach, with a short walk to the beach on cleared tracks
Follow the road to its end (over the speed bumps) and you will be at the best launch point for most conditions. A timber boardwalk / lookout allows you to check the conditions.

Not much grass, but generally enough for three or four to rig at once.
A short walk over the dune (on the boardwalk), cursing the council for failing to design these things to accommodate sailboards, and you are on the expansive and generally quiet beach.
You can even drive onto the beach and rig right where you want to launch – access is just past the shop. Remember – the tide will come in at some point…

Toilets, BBQ's, General store, playground, dog friendly, caravan park next to shop, all Western end of beach.
No current

A great place for backside wave-sailing.
Even in onshore conditions, the waves are smooth, stable and predictable.  There is no better place to get serious air, to practice aerials, or just to try the waves for the first time.
Kiters use Greens Beach too, so be aware, be considerate and be friendly.

Same as Low Head, 15 minutes before Georgetown
Speed Record:
Anything north of west produces fantastic conditions at Greens Beach.



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