Bluff Beach - Marrawah  
Spot Name:
Greens Point/Beach, Ann Bay – Marrawah
Ideal for:
Intermediate to advanced depending on the size of the swell.  Great down the line wave sailing and jumping
SW and NE winds work well giving cross shore conditions for down the line sailing, wind can be a little patchy as it comes over the hill. WSW wind is cross on and great for jumping.
Head into Marrawah on the Bass Highway (A2), just after the Marrawah Pub turn left onto Green Points Rd, go down the hill and turn right approx. 2km at Beach Rd – car park is less than 500m.
Plenty of room
Grassy area great for rigging
BBQ hut and toilets with good camp ground, but be prepared come with a strong tent.  Good pub 5 mins away with huge meals
The usual rips which help form good banks
Best when waves are head to ¾ mast high, can get nice long clean waves 
Little effect on sailing conditions
Speed Record:
Great place to sail down the line in cross on wind conditions. Daunting place the first time you see it but not much can really go wrong as you just get washed back down the beach.  If the swell is small it’s a great place to learn wave sailing.  If the swell is big launch in the corner near the car park it’s always the easiest spot to get through the shore break. The further you go down the beach the larger the waves so if you’re struggling getting out walk back up the beach and launch again from the corner.  Always best to sail here with other people to keep an eye out on each other. A good workout and loads of fun!!


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