Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Dorans Point/Road - Lauderdale
Ideal for:
Beginners to expert – flat water blasting, speed, bump & jump, freestyle and especially ideal for learning
NW – SW.  The wind funnels in between the hills and picks up speed making this the windiest spot in the south
Drive past Lauderdale for 2 km, turn right, drive 2 km and pull onto the grassy area right on the water’s edge.
Plenty of room
Nice grassy area right on the launch spot
Flat water to small chop in the shallows up to decent wind chop on a strong South-westerly in deeper water
Can get shallow on very low tide but good for sailing on any tide
Speed Record:
40.09knots Dave Morehead
This is easily the most popular sailing spot in the south mainly because of the consistent wind.  Sharp rocks, wear booties - save your feet.
In any wind from NW-SW it is ideal for learning how to windsurf as the wind will always blow you into the shallows, nothing can really go wrong.  If you’re learning and the wind is blowing from S-E it’s not advisable to sail here as you’ll be blown into deep water so go down to Cremorne lagoon where it’s safe in that direction.
Great spot to go flat water blasting or speed sailing even after work as it’s so close to Hobart and if there’s wind you’ll always find a buddy to sail with.
Great place to meet other cranky sailors so if you’re new and want some help just ask there’ll always be someone willing to help and give you some tips……and of course have a good laugh at your expense.



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