Cremorne Lagoon  
Spot Name:
Cremorne Lagoon (The Pond)
Ideal for:
Beginners to expert – Speed, freestyle, flat water blasting and learning how to windsurf.
Best on a sea breeze or southerly but still OK in a northerly.
Drive down the South Arm Rd, 0.8km past the Cremorne turn off turn left into Honeywood Drive,  1km the road takes a hard right hand turn and 70m past that there’s a track on the left going down to the reserve
Heaps of parking in Honeywood Drive reserve, park anywhere
Natural grassy reserve with plenty of room for rigging
Slight current in the channel with the tide but doesn’t affect sailing even for beginners
Very flat water, no waves
Best on mid to high tide but even on low tide it’s sailable.  Very low tides can be a problem as the channel is narrow but still sailable. Tides times similar to Hobart tides.
Speed Record:
37.43 Kaleb Smith

This has to the best learning spot in Tassie.  Look at the map, no matter which way you sail you’ll end in the shallow water.  The water is always flat which makes it safe and easy for learning.   Wear booties to save your feet! It’s also a popular spot for intermediate and advanced sailors, on any sea breeze you’ll find someone here to sail with. Great spot for speed sailing with the fastest run right up next to the oyster racks. Also great for anyone into freestyle, showing off is essential. Unusual not to get a sail here on any forecast with a sea breeze and don’t forget to bring down a beer for a quiet one at the end of the day.


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