Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
Carlton/Park Beach
Ideal for:
Intermediate to advanced wave sailing, both down the line and jumping.  Great place to learn how to sail in waves.  Not much can go wrong.
With NW winds go to the Carlton end of the beach, W-SW best on the Park beach end.  Forecast needs to be strong, 20-30knots, for this to work as the wind dissipates when it hits this area.
Turn left off the Arthur Hwy to Dodges Ferry, continue on and you’ll hit Park Beach which is on the northern end of the beach.   To get to Carlton continue along the road parallel to the beach to the south end and you’ll get to the surf life saving club.
Both Carton and Park have good parking
Good rigging next to car parks
Toilets, shops 5 mins drive
Look for the rips, its usually easier to get out in a rip as it is a typical beach break
Waves here are usually not large and best around head high, anything over that usually closes out and becomes more difficult.
Little effect on sailing
Speed Record:
If the wind is strong with a bit of swell this is a fun place to sail. In a NW cross wind at Carlton you can get nice down the line runs even if a bit short.  When the wind turns to cross-on it’s a great place for jumping. 
With W-SW winds head up to Park, with a decent wind this can also be a jumping paradise but not much down the line sailing as it’s usually cross-on conditions.
The wind can be frustrating and gusty even if the forecast says 20knots but in a strong wind it’s guaranteed fun and suitable for any level of sailor.  The worst that can happen is get washed back onto the beach.
With all wave spots unless you are expert always sail with a buddy.



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