Bluff Beach - Marrawah  
Spot Name:
Bluff Beach - Marrawah
Ideal for:
Advanced - wave sailing down the line
Best in cross off shore conditions with SSW-SW and NNE-NE wind.
Drive south from Marrawah towards Arthur River for approx 10.5 km, turn right at Bluff Beach sign, approx 3.5 km turn right, approx 1.5 km turn right, approx 0.5 km you’ll reach the 2 wheel drive parking area.
2 wheel drives park on the grass next to the shacks, 4x4’s can drive onto the beach
Sick scenery (none)
Look for the rips they are usually the best place to get through the shore break
Always around twice the size of Greens so if Greens is too small this is the place to sail.  Waves range from head to mast high.
Little effect on sailing conditions
Speed Record:
This is one of the most consistent spots in the area.  It is a left hander beach break on the south end and a right hander on the north.
Bluff is a great choice for wind as is one of the most exposed areas for Southerly afternoon sea breezes.
Launching is best in the southern corner near the rocks as the beach break gets difficult to get through as you move north down the beach.
Looks like a daunting spot to sail. If you get into trouble you end up down the beach and the worst is a walk back up to the southern end for a relaunch.
Always sail here with a mate and keep an eye out for each other.
This is one of the most beautiful spots to sail in Tassie with some pretty sick sailing in a big swell.  A real challenge!!! You’ll be ready for a beer at the end of the day.


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