Lagoon Bay  
Spot Name:
BellBuoy Beach - Low Head
41° 2'28"S, 146°50'8E
Ideal for:
Intermediate to Advanced cross-on wave sailing.
NW down to SW - also reasonable for NE/E. A high tide covers all the sand, and comes right up to the rocks / bush. High tide is sailable but not in anything south of westerly – the headland blocks the wind inshore. Typically, small swell bump and jump but when the wind has been up for a while, waves can get up to mast high. Tends to be messy, particularly out past the headland, but there are good ramps to be had in most of the above conditions, and a seabreeze always offers fun jumps. Keep your eyes peeled for the rocks, which come and go with the tide – easily spotted, but easily forgotten too.
Head North up the East Tamar Highway, through Georgetown toward Low Head. 1 km past Georgetown turn right onto North Street and head towards the Areodrome. After 2 km turn left onto Old Aerodrome Road. You will pass the airfield on your right. Continue all the way to the end of the road – about 7km.
Plenty of parking next to the reserve – 100m walk down the track to the beach. Two tracks go down to the beach – the main track (left) takes you to the headland – a good spot to check out the conditions. The minor track to the right takes you to the launch site.
In the reserve on the grass. It is possible to rig at the top and carry rigged gear down but you may like to do this in two parts – board + rig.
Nothing dramatic – the occasional drift along the shore from east to west
A great place for backside wave-sailing. Swell can reach mast high but is a crumbling type wave - very soft on equipment. Cross shore mushy wave riding is common - some cross off conditions if you are lucky. Wave frequency is short in Bass Strait so don’t expect lots of time to get reorganized between waves.
Same beach tides as GeorgeTown
Speed Record:
For the central north coast, Bell Buoy is the best spot for picking up the most swell and wind combination. Waves are reasonably formed - Euro style conditions


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